The life and works of the distinguished Kuwaiti entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mohammad Kaiic Husain Marafie, demonstrates that the legacy of compassion is an enduring one. A Sponsor of the first charity school in Kuwait established by his cousin. Mr. Mohammed Halic subscribed strongly to the idea of community welfare, and as patriarch of a prominent family, he used his position to judiciously underwrite relief efforts and welfare projects all over the world. In expansion of his charitable works, he founded the Maraiit: Foundation through which to organize and promote his philanthropy. Believing that the poor should share in the prosperity of the more fortunate, he also willed one third of his fortune towards charitable uses.

With hi* passing in 1976, the family tot a benevolent patriarch, but ihe philanthropic work that Mohammad Kaiic I lusain Manifie had begun, gained strength and impetus. Mr. Mohammad Ralie 1 hiwiin MurafieN family took steps to restructure the Marafie Foundation and to formalixe its management so as to sustain the founder's vision of philanthropy as well to extend his legacy, tl is a testament to Mr, Marafie's compassion and vision that his largesse and legacy has continued to make such difference in the lives of the less fortunate and to empower disadvantaged communities across the globe. In fact, his legacy lives on in every poor child who receives an education that would have been otherwise denied to him or her. in every poverty stricken person who can dare to live out his or her dreams only through the sponsorship and support of the Maniiic Foundation,