Dialysis Center in Kerala, South India flagsDialysis Center in Kerala, South India flagsBy the request of St. Thomas hospital (Kattanam), a dialysis center was opened by the financial support of Marafie Foundation in the beginning of 2009.According to the studies, the dialysis population in India increases by 7 percent every year. Also it says that 50 per cent of the people with kidney diseases are not aware of their failing kidneys. Due to the high cost of dialysis, most of the patients are unable to continue the dialysis for a long time.  The aim of the Marafie foundation is to facilitate these services to the kidney patients in the Central Kerala where the hospital is located. The hospital gives the dialysis services at a nominal or affordable cost.  Those who wish to support such patients can remit their contribution directly to the hospital, in turn the hospital will do the dialysis at free of cost to the most deserving patients who can’t afford to meet the dialysis expenses. DSC00435 DSC00432St. Thomas hospital, Kattanam was established in 1948, having 250 beds. It is a mutli specialty teaching hospital with 30 doctors and 20 departments and catering the needs of around 400

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